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    All members who own Amazon Cookie Pumper get 49 additional sessions.
    Until this notification is turned off, this means that 49 free sessions will be gone.


  • Merit is proof of your contribution to this community. You can earn Merits by posting a high-quality thread (or post reply), and others who have Merit will donate Merit to you.
  • Alternatively, you can buy it from the system itself or buy it from someone else.
  • You can withdraw to Bitcoin, and the rate is 0.45 EUR per Merit. (Open the new thread; we will process your request)
  • You must have 100 Merits in your account, giving you access to open topics at Box Sellers.
Example to request withdrawal of your Merit:
  • Amount: 50 Merits
  • BTC Address: 1H1sXypdTFq2ZDQRR4EM3XTZwuFsztyAeg

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