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How to use Amazon Cookie Pumper


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Dec 3, 2020
To use, you must have an account. If not, please click here.
The current version runs on chrome 86. If your chrome is a different version, go here to download the same your chromedriver.exe version, then replace it
  • Close all chrome before you run the app
  • Check your internet
  • If you are using 911 S5 Proxy, please make sure you accept chromedriver.exe into your 911
1. Your account is login?
  • Check - Use full actions, but you need manual login your amazon account before running.
  • UnCheck - The App only proceeds to use some essential functions, preventing clicking on items that require login first.
2. Using new cookies
  • Check - the app will call new chrome, remove all your current cookies
  • UnCheck - Nothing to do (recommend)
3. Cookies & Browser
  • Generate Cookies - this action will call your chrome and write your cookies to log.
  • Export Cookies - after you did Generate Cookies, our app will export your cookies to your local PC
  • Import Cookies - Import your old cookies to new
  • Browser - Just call your default chrome
Write your keywords in the box. A row separates each keyword

Keyword 1
Keyword 2
Keyword something
Write your comments in the box. A row separates each comment

Comment 1
Comment 2
Comment something
  • Add to cart - Enable the action to put the item in the cart
  • Add to list -Enable the action to put the item in the wishlist
  • Comment questions - Enable the action comment question (not recommend)
  • View history - Enable the action to go to amazon history
  • Helpful click - Enable the action click to Helpful button in review per amazon products
  • Auto Ping Extensions - Enable the action, the app will automatic fake your history (like Gmail, Yahoo, Google)
  • Read words per seconds - X-Y words will . We every 1 second (X-Y is random)
  • Scroll speed level - Scroll mouse speed. If the number is larger, the speed is slower
  • Text speed level - Type speed. If the number is larger, the speed is slower (40ms - 60ms per characters if the setting is 1)
  • Items View - Number of products per keyword
  • Time to click - Sleep time before clicking
  • Time to see all - Number of clicks to see all comments
  • Pages of comment view - Number of the comment pages
  • Time reading comment - Currently, not in use we will remove them in a later update version
  • Helpful Item - Number of clicks to Helpful button
  • View TOP 100 Item - Number of go to Top 100 (per keywords)
  • History View More Item - Number of click to More Like This button (in the History section)
  • History Remove Item - Number of remove item action (in the History section)
  • View Video Item - Number of play video (per keyword)
  • Time Play Video - Time spent watching the video
  • Start and Stop software
  • Log of actions
  • Enter Your Email: Please wirte your email (current amazon email) to check email score
  • Click to SHOW INFORMATION, the app will check your IP, Email, your fingerprint

Starting with version 3.1.1 or higher, After using, please turn off the software to avoid Max Session error
Register and Login Multiple Amazon, FB, Gmail Accounts in one place at the same time without associated.